John Lee, Vernon Chatman, Alyson Levy and Jim Tozzi are the main cast and creators of the show. Together, they are PFFR Forever Ltd., an art collective and company coming out of Brooklyn. Chatman and Lee are in charge of the directing and most of the voice acting. Tozzi works on animation/character design and is the voice of Xavier, the titular main character. Levy works as the art director and contributes a few voices to the show. Ultimately, the animation is produced by Cinematico. Little is known about the personal lives of the creators since they often give indirect (if not nonsensical) answers in interviews, and intentionally obfuscate facts about themselves. For example, in the credits of Wonder Showzen, John Lee and Vernon Chatman's names are listed twice. The second time, their names appear in opposite order, implying that neither creator had more creative influence over the show than the other.

PFFR as musiciansEdit

PFFR released an album in 2004 on Birdman Records called "United We Doth." There are lyrical and stylistic similarities between the company's music and its visuals (such as Xavier and Wonder Showzen). For example, the song "Buffalo Bill" depicts a character with similar qualities to Xavier.