Season 1 of Xavier: Renegade Angel premiered on November 4, 2007 and completed on January 13, 2008. It spans 10 episodes.

Episodes: 2007—2008Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code #
WHAT LIFE D-D-DOTH SSHOT "What Life D-D-Doth" November 4, 2007 101 1
A strange being (Xavier) has wandered into Burbury, Connecticut, on a continuing quest to find the answer to the question, "What doth life?"
XavierRA-episode102 "Chief Beef Loco" November 11, 2007 102 2
Xavier gains the respect of a violent local gang after stepping in to replace a school mascot, whom he hopes to win over with the power of passion and emotional healing.
XavierRA-episode103 "Weapons Grade Life" November 18, 2007 103 3
Xavier meets a crippled kid who has been using science to help his Christian father perform surgery, and Xavier doesn't take too kindly to this boy.
XavierRA-episode104 "The 6th Teat of Good Intentions" November 25, 2007 104 4
Xavier finds a group of seven babies which he believes have been abandoned, when in reality their mother is nearby. Xavier takes the babies under his care while a reward is put out for them. Xavier's snake hand also plays an important role for the first time.
XavierRA-episode105 "Pet Siouxicide" December 2, 2007 105 5
When Xavier tries to help a pet store owner who sells genetically modified animals, Xavier is sold to a spoiled rich boy.
XavierRA-episode106 "World of Hurt, BC" December 9, 2007 106 6
In order to discover his origin, Xavier goes back in time by smoking and eating bacon.
XavierRA-episode107 "Bloodcorn" December 16, 2007 107 7
When a factory mixem-up brings a town to its dusty knees, Xavier decides to PFR (Pray For Rain), but God She take no kindly to freaks.
XavierRA-episode108 "Escape from Squatopian Freedom" December 23, 2007 108 8
On a continuing quest to find out the man who murdered his father, Xavier runs across a clown who juggles fire, and then takes Xavier to Squatopia, a place without rules.
XavierRA-episode109 "Signs From Godrilla" January 6, 2008 109 9
Xavier meets a fork in the road where he must choose between his heart and his mind, and after choosing his mind, he stumbles upon a town of dead bodies, and drinks someone's brain matter to find the cause.
XavierRA-episode110 "Shakashuri Blowdown" January 13, 2008 110 10
After Xavier finds out that it was he who killed his father, he tries to kill himself. A couple of thugs intervene and discover a set of numbers on Xavier's arm which lead him to call another Xavier on the phone.