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Xavier: Renegade Angel is a CG animated series from PFFR members Vernon Chatman, John Lee, Alyson Levy and Jim Tozzi, who are best known for their MTV2 series, Wonder Showzen. The show has been described as "the animated tale of a wanderer seeking the mystery of his own origin, getting hassled by rednecks, inflicting righteousness and yapping about being the strong, silent type." by Cableguide-digital.com.

The show's animation is done by Cinematico. It has CGI-animation characteristic of late 1990s 3-D video games. Visual glitches are able to be seen frequently throughout the show. The show features large amounts of adult language, innuendo, violence, gore, and usually minor sexual themes.


The show is centered around Xavier (voiced by Jim Tozzi). He is a wanderer with backward knees, six nipples, a beak, snake hand, and heterochromic eyes. He travels across the land looking for the truth of his uncertain origin and trying to help those in need, but usually always ends up doing the complete opposite. He speaks in a new age-y turns of phrase which turns into large amounts of gibberish.